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Monday, April 24, 2017


Fam and Friends,

Monday last week was a little insane. Last week a very loud horn was going off while we were doing our studies and we joked it was an air raid horn because it was just so loud. Turns out it was just a tornado warning, and it was only a test. 

The next week we had this massive rain storm, more rain coming down than I've ever seen. It drizzled all day but really started coming down mid-lesson with our golden family we are working with, and sadly the car was about 30 yards away. After the lesson we ran like crazy to no avail. We were soaked through and through, luckily my bag kept my stuff dry. We drove home in little to no visibility, and a few inches of water in the streets at some points. Once we were close to our apartment the tornado warning came on. Sadly it was dark, so even if there was a tornado I wouldn't have been able to see it. Watching a tornado form and touch down is definitely something I want to see in person before I die.

Wednesday night we got a text from our branch president asking us to do the Easter program. just a reminder this was Wednesday night.... at least he had specific instructions haha. We met as a district and figured what we were going to do and called the chorister and she picked some filler hymns that same night. He asked us to use the choir and sing "Sus manos" which is super hard. We were able to have one practice and we only practiced "Sus Manos". We didn't do a full run though or anything, just an hour of "Sus Manos," It was really rough. We had to leave early though because things came up so we had to finish weekly planning and pack for trade offs. 

Sus Manos

When Sunday rolled around we were pretty nervous. Elder Weston thankfully organized what we were doing onto papers that we could look at. The program started and was really rough, but we really were able to pull it together. We ended with a few testimonies about Christ, and it ended super powerfully. The spirit was so strong and thankfully the Suarez family (golden fam) came and it looked like Natividad was really feeling what was going on. They are scheduled to be baptized on the 29, and this week will be when we really get ready. 

Trade offs were on Friday. Nothing really exciting happened that day. I was with Elder Waters and we taught a lesson with one of their recent converts, Berta, and her husband Jorge. I sat down in their living room, realized I forgot my planner in the car, and realized I had no idea what we were about to teach. Haha. After some small talk with the couple Elder Waters looked at me and everyone looked at me as if to start the lesson. Stalling I just said, "Well, today our lesson comes from the scriptures," and leaned down and was slowly opening my Spanish scriptures. Luckily Elder Waters said we were going to talk about the Sabbath day as I was opening my scriptures so I just opened up to the 10 commandments in Exodus. Outside that we had a decent lesson. Berta is pretty old, and has the "High Priest" sized Book of Mormon because of her vision. That thing is massive, it's pretty funny. 

Two potentials called us out of the blue. Both miracles. German is this 23 year old who is really awesome. Reading over his teaching records it sounds like he got anti-ed pretty hard by the priest at the church he used to go to. He called us out of the blue and we had a really nice lesson with him. He talked about how he feels distanced from God and wants help to come back. He talked about how he felt when he was going to church and meeting with missionaries a lot and how that's all gone now. He also said he saw different missionaries a few times in the streets and he really started thinking about what he had left. That was such a great lesson, he said the closing prayer and it was such a sweet and sincere prayer. 

The other potential was meeting with missionaries a year ago and was doing really well until her family started fighting against her about  what she was getting into. Our lesson with her was really sad because she was just telling us about everything that happened. She told us that a few days ago she was feeling especially down and decided she needed to read from that book the missionaries gave her a year ago. She opened the book of Mormon and one of our ITL or pass along cards fell out. She picked it up and our number was on the back so she texted us out of the blue. It was a super cool experience and was nothing short of a miracle. 

The scriptures are such a powerful tool. If you are not studying from them or at least reading them daily you're missing out on spiritual experiences you could be having every day. The Book of Mormon changes lives, and is truly the word of God. Give it a chance. 

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Dual meaning words I learned this week
Wives = Esposas = handcuffs 
Married = Casadoz = hunted

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