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Monday, January 8, 2018

January 8, 2018

District Meeting
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I LOVE Mexican food!

Tacos de lengua: still not my favorite

With the Saturday P-day last week the week started off with church getting canceled due to poor weather conditions. It really hasn't been that bad though. Yes, it's been chilly with the temperature typically in the single digits and dropping below zero at night and in the mornings. But during the day it's not that bad. Sunday was also not bad at all. The sun was out and it was a "warm" 15 degrees. 

Church being canceled was extra aggravating because that morning we had a pretty big miracle. We met with a former investigator who had dropped Elder Rencher and Guerrero a little while ago and called us out of the blue asking us to come over. We met with him and he explained what's been going on with him. Turns out his sisters home got raided and a few of his family members are most likely getting deported. It was an unfortunate story but touching in the same way. Any time people go through big trials, like this clearly is for him, one has to make choices: Move closer or move away from God. He moved closer. He started living the commandments he apparently said he would never do, has listened to a good portion of the BoM, and his prayers have become heartfelt. The change really has been impressive from the little I saw beforehand and it was touching when he shared that "this was the first time in [his] life where he really needed God and He hasn't left [him] alone." We committed him to come to church with us the same day, something he said he likely would never do, and to start meeting with us regularly again. He said yes. It was pretty great up until church got canceled. He was doing a fundraising activity this last Sunday so we should get him next Sunday so it's okay.... sort of. 

This last Sunday was really good. We've still been meeting with the Francos and recently committed them to come to church. With the craziness of the taco shop and their personal finances that's been really tough. I think they understand why church is important and they seem to have a true desire to attend but have told us they don't feel comfortable closing Sundays or opening late..... yet. We compromised and got approval from our Zone leaders to attend the English ward with them in the morning and it was great. It was my first English service in a year and it was weird. English at church and English talking about the gospel just sounds weird haha. That's an interesting change. The family, with the exception of Marco, speaks pretty good English and they might decide to attend in English because it just works better for them. Juliana also really wants Marco to learn English and she sees it as an opportunity for him. We obviously don't want to pass them off and we want them to be able to stop working on Sundays. Going to church when they won't be working is a short term solution that I would prefer they wouldn't take. Long term solutions take longer but likely will stick better and that's what we are pushing. 

Sunday we also visited with a family we don't have the opportunity to visit very often. Due to the tough situation in which they live, going to church has become very difficult. In the last year I've seen the whole family at church twice. Even with all the obstacles they face in their life their home is one of the most amazing homes I've ever been in. When we visit with people, we can typical tell how they live the gospel, not by anything they say or anything they do, but by the light that they have in them and/or by how you just feel around them. Although humble, their home emanates with the spirit in a way almost incomparable to any other home I've ever been in. We had a short visit with them, but it was just so good. Definitely a goal I'd have for my future home.

Lastly the address I sent last week is correct, but we are in Apartment #2. Hopefully that didn't through anyone off, our mailbox says "the church guys or Elders" so hopefully I got everything.

Next Pday is Saturday.

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