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Monday, February 19, 2018

19 February 2018


Some good news came in this week. We are getting another senior couple this week! From what we know, it looks like it might be this Thursday.  

Zone conference was on Friday and like always was a really great meeting. Unfortunately it went a little long. After the meeting there was a leadership training for the missionary leaders, which Elder Rencher had to stay for. After that we got word from the Assistants that if we could, we needed to help unload some of the things the mission has supplied the new couple. We could, so we spent and hour and a half unloading furniture. The mission housing coordinator came with us and treated us to dinner after. That was super nice. We raced down to the Franco's taco shop and ate there before our afternoon appointment. The Franco's tend not to let us pay, but between the language barrier of the Francos and Elder Gosling's persistence in making it so they'd accept his money, it was both humorous to watch and was enough to let us pay for our meal. 

Saturday we started the day off with Santiago. He is doing pretty decently. He is starting to recognize the testimony I think he's had for a little bit. We talked a lot about choices and why they're so important. We shared 2 Nephi 2:27 which explains that things either bring us closer or further from God. It was a pretty good lesson and we were able to be pretty bold with him. We talked about some of things that affect him spiritually. 

After Santiago we went to a less active member to help him translate for a phone call with a credit card company. It was a little awkward because at first the people wouldn't let us talk for him, which is understandable, but the member did not like the interpreter at all. He was getting a little heated and we basically took the phone call over to diffuse a little bit. We figured out the problem but then the last few steps couldn't be done by us due to some policy. But we got it all resolved.  

We had a really good lesson with the Sarmientos this week. Daniel, the father of the household, I think finally has connected some important dots. We talked heavily about the Book of Mormon and modern day prophets. We've constantly asked Daniel to pray about the BoM and read from it to gain a testimony that it's true. Some people get answers to prayers quickly and some don't.  The same goes with some questions that are answered quickly while others don't get answered as quickly. We shared 1 Nephi 10:17 which in few words explains that if we have faith and a desire to know something we can get answers to those questions through the Holy Ghost by diligently seeking. You could almost see the dots connect when Daniel said that, "God sometimes holds off on answers because we first have to show that we truly want something." Things are looking pretty good for that family, but they still won't accept a baptismal date. 

Heads up, next P-day will be this Saturday as it's the end of the transfer.  

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