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Monday, March 26, 2018

12 March 2018


We had a really good lesson with Francisca this week. She is a recent convert on this side as of 3-4 months and is awesome. She is on fire trying to sharing the gospel. She tried to teach her friend something about the plan of salvation but had some questions brought up she couldn't answer. A well taught plan of salvation lesson covers really basic core questions I'd imagine most people have who don't grow up Mormon or religious in general. We reviewed why are we here, where we came from, and where we go after we die. Most people just have no idea and just go around in life slightly under satisfied with what they have. 

Wednesday we meet with Axle and had a great lesson. Another lesson on the plan of salvation. Unfortunately a few months ago his older brother passed away and we, due to various circumstances, were never able to teach a whole lot to address that need but that changed. Death was something that we talked about, because that was what was scary to him. To teach about death and the time between death and judgment we opened up to Alma 40:11. The line that really impacted Axle was when it said that "The spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are taken home to that God who gave them life." We then shared the talk by Elder Eyring called "the spirit as your constant companionship." The spirit really was the true teacher and he was definitely helped out by our lesson. The Book of Mormon has a lot power to it, in this moment that power was to give comfort to someone unsure about how his brother who had past away was doing. Anyone seeking that same power will find it. The promise in Moroni 10:3-5 is that anyone who reads, ponders, and prays about the Book of Mormon will receive an answer by the holy ghost. Everyone needs a current and strong testimony of the BoM and that is easily done through daily prayerful study of it.   

Friday we ate dinner with a really nice member who sells her food for a living. She makes the best mexican food in the branch and it's always super good to go to her house. We had a great visit with them and celebrated the birthday of Rosa Cervantes at the same time. She has a husky that is super easily excited and playful, and apparently destructive. As we left I found my shoes gnawed through and ripped up a bit which was awkward but we jumped out before anyone else saw. Lesson learned is that you never leave shoes in someones porch when their dog gets thrown in there haha.   


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