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Monday, April 30, 2018

23 April 2018


Monday was a good service day. We spent a good amount of time with Cezar doing service and reading the BoM with him. Last Sunday we had a wind storm that tore a good portion of the fence down. Monday we were able to head over to help him out. It was a super easy fix, but it was a little sketchy. Instead of fixing the broken fence the right way, as in re-potting the fence posts into the ground, in an attempt to lower costs we just tied the fence to his neighbors metal fence on the opposite side of the fallen fence. Why are there two fences pushed up against each other? I don't know, but it'll hold pretty well. 

Tuesday we meet with Antonia, this Mexican grandma who is really sweet. We just had had a really good lesson with her the week before about modern day prophets and today we were going to share a few principles on the restoration and finish with some words from President Nelson. We watched the Mormon Message video where he recalls a story of some near death experience he had in an airplane. It was a nice moment and at the end of the we asked what she thought. She didn't speak for almost two minutes. Not sure if there was some kind of mis-communication or she was thinking about something we waited in silence not wanting to break the moment. After two-three minutes of quiet looking down she broke the silence asking what happens when we die, which opened up a really good opportunity to teach to her needs. It's always rewarding to have had followed a lesson plan and be able to see that it was actually pretty darn inspired to the needs of the individual. She also told us a hilarious story about how she used to study with missionaries from another church. She said she posed a similar question and when they tried to answer she felt like, "[they] were just as lost as I was!" The best part was how much of a break through that was for our teaching her. 

Wednesday we had a good visit with the Sarmiento family. They are living the Word of Wisdom! As we followed up Daniel added a little story. He was in work and a co-worker said something along the lines that they weren't feeling well. Daniel, after having read an old President Monson talk he found on service, offered to grab something for the guy. The Co-worker lit up and asked him to grab him and another guy coffee as they gave Daniel the money. Daniel said he was thinking, "wow, day one and I try to do something good for someone else and it instantly turns in to being tried!" At this point he has already obligated him self and jumps in his truck and drives to the store. His co-workers gave him money to get one for himself as well. He gets to the store and buys two cups, puts them in the cup holders and heads back to work. "Elders, you could just smell the coffee as I drove back! It smelled so good, but I didn't break" It was a good lesson and in this same lesson it turned out that they started to get into the BoM more than they have had before.

Fansisca and the Francos are small business owners and the church has a super good program for self-sufficiency that we introduced the two to. The self-sufficiency classes cover a pretty wide range of material, but we showed them the one on starting your own business. The video was introduced to Fransisca then we moved to teaching Diego her son. 

Watch it before moving on.

Francisca was at the table with us but wasn't really paying attention because we were teaching Diego in English. We were reading in Hebrews 11 and explaining some questions Diego had. Our of no where Francisca out of no where bursts out "BUT WHAT SHOULD MARIA DO??" Her curiosity just about killed her and we watched the other 2 videos of the 3 part video series

parts 2 and 3

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