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Monday, April 30, 2018

April 16, 2018


The eternal first week of the transfer has been pretty good. Working in a trio for the third time is pretty fun!

Saturday night we had stake conference. The benefit of having a senior couple in a district that also has a trio is that splits become very easy. The missionaries aren't invited to the Saturday session of stake conference for some reason but in the morning we got called upon to do some English to Spanish translation. To cover our plans we already had I went with the Pectols to translate while Elders Magalei and Rencher covered our lessons. I was pretty nervous but as soon as we started the English to Spanish just flowed way more naturally than the Spanish to English I've done before. It was pretty exciting. Only one of the speakers gave us a written talk but she was likely nervous, because she talked so fast, and didn't really follow her prepared remarks. The only way to describe how it felt was like you're on a roller coaster that doesn't stop and you're doing everything you can to follow but no matter what you do you feel like you're about to fly right out the side. I would definitely do it again, I just hope the people listening to my translating understood what I attempted to say haha. 

Sunday we had a great visit with the Francos. We offered to dedicate their home and they accepted the offer. We invited the branch president and his wife to accompany us and it turned out really nice. The spirit was pretty strong in their home that day and Marco is making really good progress.

This past Saturday we had an interesting lesson with the Sarmientos. We had planned to teach the Word of Wisdom. We ate dinner with them a few days prior and left with them the pamphlets and our goal was to be in and out in under 30 minutes. It's a simple lesson and it can be hard to keep things short and brief with them. The family read and understood really well and basically taught us, or really reviewed what they read. We talked about how we eat healthy and we abstain from coffee, alcohol, tobacco, tea, and illegal drugs and discussed the blessings. Daniel interestingly focused a lot more on the things we do instead of the things we don't and would subtly move things back to what we do when we would bring the conversation back to making sure he knew what not to do. He really liked the Word of Wisdom but I reflected on how he was moving the conversation and realized after a moment he was taking that time to work the whole thing out in his mind, really trying to make sure that it was what he wanted to do. He knew we would make him commit to a yes or no at some point and he wasn't quite ready. We slowed things down to meet that need and by the end of the lesson we threw away all the stuff they had that was against the word of wisdom. It was a good moment and really highlighted the need to focus on the individual. Christine, his wife, already committed to live the Word of Wisdom before we even arrived but Daniel needed to really work things out. 

This Sunday started off with a huge disappointment. We got a call pretty early informing us church would be canceled and asked us to make sure everyone in the branch new. We still hadn't opened any of the blinds of the apartment and basically ran to a window to see what had happened outside that would warrant canceling church. It was slightly cold and we only had a light sprinkling of snow and were pretty seriously disappointed. We continued with our day and at about 10 am it started a really heavy freeze rain. We were out visiting with a member when it started and we came out of their apartment and there was a solid inch of thick slush/ ice on the roads and our car. We had a few miles to drive to get back to our apartment but it sure was the slickest road conditions I've ever driven on. It was pretty sketchy but we made it back to the apartment safely. The county trucks plowed and salted the roads a few hours later which thankfully made them drive able.  

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