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Monday, April 30, 2018

April 2, 2018


We've been back in a trio. We've been covering both Spanish areas since Tuesday afternoon. The best part was being able to go back to the people I taught on that side. Thursday morning we had a really fantastic lesson with the Francos. They mentioned that they had recently made the decision to close their taco shop on Sundays from here on out. It was pretty sweet to be there when they mentioned that. That lesson made it clear the role of the Holy Ghost in the conversion process. We encouraged them to close Sundays so they could come to church and taught the blessings and did everything we could to invite them to do so. It wasn't until they received their own spiritual witness that that became something of importance for them and then something they would actually do. Stake conference is next week, but after that they'll be joining the branch!  

Conference was insane! We watched nearly every session with a different investigator. I think the highlight was Sunday morning. The Sarmiento family couldn't watch the sessions as planned but could watch a non-live session with us at 7pm. This let us pick and choose what we were going to watch which was super good. We chose the first and last talk from the Sunday morning session to re-watch with Daniel and his family. Daniel has had some hesitancy to pray about the BoM but with the lesson we had with him we talked about how to pray and how to recognize answers to prayers. He had that on his mind as we watched the first and last talk of the Sunday morning conference. After the session we talked about what we each liked. From what he shared it was clear that he finally figured out and understood that prayer typically is a process. He really liked the line that was mentioned that no matter what we are only ever one prayer away from a loving Heavenly Father who is ready and waiting to answer prayers. 

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