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Monday, April 30, 2018

April 7, 2018


Looks like I forgot to say this was an end of transfer P-day. Officially we are going to be a trio for another transfer, but we are getting a new elder in 6 weeks and another in like 12 weeks.

Preach my gospel defines an Investigator as someone who has received at least one principle found in chapter 3 of PMG and has accepted a return appointment. Elder Magalei, Rencher, and I were all talking about how the PMG definition sets a pretty low bar on the people we teach. Continuing on that thought we were thinking about the people we've all taught and how very few would actually be someone who was investigating the church and searching for truth like you'd imagine an investigator might do. Tuesday we had a lesson with Jose and Tamara. Jose had a super cool experience with The Book of Mormon as he read through it in like 2 weeks while Tamara on the other hand really hasn't caught the same spirit that Jose had. We really have been focusing on helping those we teach become true investigators of what we share with them, and with that same spirit we talked with Tamara and what she needed to progress. As you really focus on what individual needs and not worrying about making sure they understand everything you want them to understand you really find more needs in the people we work with. Tamara talked about some specific challenges she works with and some of her fears and we were able to have a super productive lesson with her. Hopefully by setting better expectations with the people we work with it will help people progress better. 

It can be really hard to have a resounding faith in someone you don't have a rounded understanding of their character. Part of the Restoration of the Gospel, maybe even one of the most important aspects, is a much greater understanding of the importance of Jesus Christ in the context of the plan of salvation. One of our investigators, while he has a really deep understanding of many aspects of the gospel really lacks in his understanding of his relationship with God. We had a really fantastic lesson with him Wednesday where we talked about that need he had. We planned a lesson around that idea and as we walked in and were talking with him he asked, "Why is Jesus Christ so important aside from him having died for us?" which was exactly what we had planned! That was pretty cool. Elder Magalei read John 3:16 with a slight reiteration. For God so loved the ___ family, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." It was a super cool moment. This investigator is a talker, but when the spirit is really strong he quiets down and you can almost see the things we teach actually stick to him. We used that moment to talk about what he needs to do to come to a full and strong knowledge of the truth, specifically by diligent seeking and prayer as well as paying attention to moments when he felt the influence of the spirit. He finally has been praying. It was a good lesson.  

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